A Guide to the Equipment Used in Industrial Settings

Three Indispensable Tips for Choosing a Mechanical Flow Aid

Mechanical flow aids are suitable for promoting smoother bulk material movement in most industrial plants. These devices are advantageous because they use force to prevent build up in the equipment. This makes them compatible with almost all plant machinery designs. Also, these are simple in their design, which means that the cost of purchase is typically low. In addition, they can be installed in already established industrial plants. The common mechanical flow aids include vibrating dischargers, agitators, air blasters and air fluidisers. Here are some critical considerations if you are uncertain about the right choice for you.

Evaluate Structural Integrity

You should evaluate the structural integrity of your plant equipment before choosing and installing a mechanical flow aid. As mentioned, these forms of devices depend on force for preventing formation of clogs. For instance, a vibrator uses vibratory pressure which is generated by hitting action against the equipment. Unfortunately, this means that if the equipment is not structurally secure, the aids might be unsuitable. If you have lightweight plant components, you should consider using air blasters or cannons as opposed to vibrators and dischargers.

Consider the Outlet

It is important to look at the design of the plant equipment, particularly at the section where you intend to install a flow aid. You must ensure that once the flow of the bulk material is smooth, the machinery will not compromise continued performance. When evaluating the equipment, you should make sure that the outlet can support high material flow. If the outlet is limited, faster movement will lead to a blockage or even packing. It is worthwhile to invest in upgrading your machinery if this is the case. Also, you should plan on using a feeder to control the flow of the bulk materials down to the rest of the system.

Understand Your Material

The type of material being handled or processed in your industrial plant will determine the right mechanical flow aid for your needs. In simple terms, you will need different devices for coarse and fine materials. For instance, if you are looking for a device to aid the flow of fine, dust-like particles, you can opt for cone unloading. This device has a cone structure, which promotes downward flow, and it is also dust-tight. Some aids like vibrators can be used for almost any type of materials. Others like agitation product might have trouble with flaky materials.

If you are still uncertain about flow aid selection, discuss your industrial equipment setup and specific operations with your supplier.