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Are you struggling to store all of your cars?

For many children, one of the signs that they are approaching adulthood is when they learn to drive. Learning to drive normally means buying a car, which can lead to problems for families, especially if you have several children of similar ages. You may already have more than one car in your household, and as your children buy cars, it can be hard to work out where you are going to put them all. Ideally, you will want the cars stored off the road, yet not many people have big driveways that can accommodate multiple cars, and your garage probably only has room for one vehicle. What your family needs is a way to increase your car storage capacity without increasing the footprint of your property.

How can a car lift help?

If you need more off-road parking, then one of the easiest ways to achieve it is to make your garage bigger by installing a car lift. If you have a garage that can accommodate one car, then by installing a car lift you can make use of all the wasted space above the vehicle and turn your one car garage into a two-car garage. The top-level of a car lift is the ideal place to store a car that will only be used occasionally or to keep a vehicle which you only use at particular seasons of the year.

What happens if you need to use both cars regularly?

Some people are reluctant to install a car lift because they aren't keen on the idea of having to juggle cars and having to move the car from the lower position every time you want to access the car on the upper level. Constantly hunting for the car keys and moving cars around can be a problem for situations where both vehicles are in constant use. If this is your situation, then the best option is to install a car lift that allows you to move the lower car down below ground level, bringing the vehicle on the top level down to the ground so that it can be driven straight out of the garage. A car lift that moves in this way provides a flexible, easy-stacking option which is ideal for whenever you want to be able to access any car quickly.

To find out which car lift would best suit your home you should discuss your needs with a car lift installer today.