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Your Air Cannon Selection Guide

Do you own a silo? An air cannon is a piece of essential equipment you may want to add to the silo. Air cannons are designed to promote a smooth flow of materials in silos and other structures such as chutes and bins. This equipment will force pressurised air into your silo's material handling system, preventing blockages. Air cannons come in different options, and selecting the right one is essential to ensuring the efficient flow of materials in your silo. If you are a first-time buyer, however, knowing what to look for can be a challenge. This quick guide will help you buy the right one.

Consider the Mode of Operation 

Air cannons can be manual or automatic. Automatic air cannons generally cost more because of the ease of operation that they bring. With an automatic air cannon, you can configure the timing of when you need it to work. Choose an automatic air cannon if you continuously experience a blockage problem. The automated blasting of pressurised air will keep the materials flowing smoothly. On the other hand, if you only notice blockages periodically, a manual air cannon would be preferable. It is cheaper, and you will only have to operate it when there's a need.

Consider the Air Cannon's Pressure Level

The amount of pressure released from air cannons differ. For instance, heavy materials such as pebbles and stone chips in bins require higher pressurised air than lighter materials like grains and cereals in a silo. And generally, the more powerful the air cannon, the more expensive it will be. If you are unsure of the level of pressure that you need, consider an air cannon with adjustable pressure levels. This way, you can always adjust the pressure until it works to clear a blockage.

Think About the Valve System

Air cannons are available in single- and multiple-valve systems. The material handling system in your silo will guide you in choosing the ideal valve system. If you have a simple system with materials flowing through a single channel, a single-valve air cannon should work just fine. However, for complex systems that entail materials flowing across several channels inside the silo, you will be better off with a multiple-valve air cannon. These air cannons are efficient and cost-effective too. First, they eliminate the need to invest in multiple air cannons. When it comes to efficiency, the numerous valves on the air cannon can be connected to the different operation points inside your silo to work simultaneously.

For more information about air cannons, speak with a professional.