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Your Essential Guide for Selecting a Wire Fence for Your Rural Farm

Are you looking to build a fence around your rural farm? Rural fencing contractors offer a variety of fencing products to suit any farm. Wire fencing is a preferred choice for rural fencing projects because it is easy to install and provides good visibility from both sides of a property. 

The icing on the cake is that a wire fence can easily be customised to suit the requirements of virtually any farm. As a result, the appropriate wire fence for your farmstead will depend on your specific project goals.

Below are some key elements to take into account when selecting a wire fencing product for your rural farm.

The Strength of the Wire

Different materials can be used to make wire fences, but steel has become the best choice owing to its superior strength and increased durability. Steel wire fencing products vary in strength depending on their thicknesses.

In the steel fabrication industry, the thickness of a wire product is indicated as the wire gauge. The smaller the number is, the thicker the wire and the greater its strength will be.

Wire fences are usually specified for certain fencing applications based on their gauge. In applications where security is a primary concern, installing a thick-gauge wire fence is essential. 

The Design of the Wire

Wire fences come in a variety of designs. These fences can be plain, welded, woven, barbed or of any other design. Each design has unique pros and cons and is designed with specific uses in mind.

For example, barbed wire is twisted to create barbs that prick the skin when an attempt is made to hold, climb or go over the fence. The barbs serve as an effective deterrent against intrusion into a property.

Barbed-wire fencing may, however, not be a suitable choice for containing farm animals, such as cattle and horses as it can cause injury to the animals. A plain wire fence may be suitable for animal containment.

The Finish on the Wire

Wire fences come in a variety of finishes for functional and decorative purposes. Some of the common finishes available for this type of fences include painted finish, powder-coated finish, galvanised finish and vinyl-coated finish. 

Whatever look you want to create, you can't miss a product that matches your property exactly. 

These are three factors to consider when selecting a wire fence for your rural farm. For more information of wire fencing, feel free to talk to a reputable fencing contractor serving your area.