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Choosing the Best Dosing Pump for your Chemical Application

The design of a dosing pump allows it to move only a specific volume of fluid at a specific period. Dosing pumps are mainly created to perform functions such as spraying farm plants with chemicals, as well as to perform industrial applications and other agricultural applications. If you have not bought a dosing pump before, you could get confused about the type you want to purchase. Dosing pumps come with temperature, pressure and other applications. Here are the main considerations to have in mind when choosing a dosing pump.

The Flow Rate to Expect

The flow rate to expect from a pump is determined by the liquid you are pumping and where you are pumping it. For instance, if you want a pump to assist you in spraying chemicals on a few plants in the yard, the flow rate does not have to be high. On the other hand, if you have a small garden and need a pump to be servicing it regularly, it is best to pick one that has a higher flow rate. Higher flow rates mean that a lot of fluid passes through the system at any given period.

Where You Will Be Using the Pump

The other crucial consideration to make is where you will be using the pump. If you plan on using it in direct sunlight, ensure that it is protected from the thermal expansion that comes with high temperatures. On the other hand, if you will be using in in the winter, consider the possibility that water will freeze inside it, causing expansion. Ask about the design features which will protect your pump from damage during the freeze and thaw cycles.

The Fluid Composition

The durability of your pump is directly connected to the substance that you will be pumping through the pump. If the substance you are pumping through the pump is corrosive, the materials used to make it must be corrosion-resistant. If the material is not corrosion-resistant, you will lose the pumps to the chemical damage caused by corrosion. Additionally, if the fluid you are pumping is thicker than regular fluids, it is best to go for pumps with special ends.

These are some of the crucial considerations to make when choosing a dosing pump. It is best to take time and pick the pump that meets your needs and serves you for a long period. As long as you have a quality pump, your application will be smooth. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that sells chemical dosing pumps.