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4 Facts For Beginners To Know About Custom Wooden Boxes

Custom wooden boxes are increasingly becoming popular when it comes to packaging different products. Wooden boxes have various benefits over other packaging materials, including cost-effectiveness and durability. Moreover, wooden boxes, when properly treated, can last for decades. Furthermore, wooden boxes require less maintenance compared to plastic alternatives. Also, repairing wood is easy compared to repairing plastic. Ultimately, wooden boxes offer buyers value for money in the long run. Read on to find out top facts about custom wooden boxes.

Reputable Supplier 

When it comes to buying wooden boxes, choosing a reputable supplier is very critical. Your preferred supplier should produce and deliver wooden boxes that adhere to Australian standards for packaging material. The boxes should be durable enough to withstand the elements. Furthermore, a supplier must adhere to specifications, especially if you want your boxes custom-made. A reputable wooden box manufacturer and supplier uses only the best wood quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, do your research beforehand to find a trustworthy vendor.

Cargo Weight 

Before buying wooden boxes, you should first determine your packaging and transportation needs. Therefore, if you want to package sturdier items or fragile goods, then order wooden boxes with extra thickness. You don't want your valuable goods to be damaged because you chose the wrong type of wooden box. Cargo weight is a crucial factor to bear in mind, particularly if you want your boxes custom-made.

Wooden Box Size 

Wooden boxes are available in diverse sizes to fit different types of cargo. Therefore, always consider box size before placing an order. The size of wooden boxes is based on the size and shape of the cargo you intend to package. Buying a huge box for your cargo could be detrimental because the extra space might cause fragile goods to move around, leading to damage. Conversely, a small wooden box can be problematic when you need to fit large items. It is advisable to work with your preferred wooden box vendor to choose the right box size for your packaging needs.


Wood is an organic material that is vulnerable to changes in weather conditions. For instance, as temperature changes, wood can expand and contract. Furthermore, moisture can cause wood to rot. Besides, pests can attack wood and damage it if it's not treated. Therefore, choose wooden pallets that adhere to Australian and international standards for a treatment known as ISPM-15. Such standards require wooden boxes to be dried for low residual moisture content. Also, the boxes should be sanded down for ease of cleaning. Therefore, always buy ISPM-15 certified wooden boxes.

For additional information, reach out to a custom wooden box supplier near you.