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3 Useful Features to Look for in a Bosun's Chair

If your workers ever have to work at a height in places where you can't use a ladder or scaffold, then a suspended bosun's chair is a good alternative. These chairs enable people to work at heights safely and comfortably. They simply sit in the chair while they're working on a job.

If you're looking at buying a bosun's chair, then it is vital to choose the right back-up safety equipment, such as harnesses and fall arrest systems, to go with the chair. Safety should be your first concern.

However, it's also important to think about what it will be like to work in the chair. There are some features that make this a more comfortable and efficient experience. What should you look for?

1. Adequate Cushioning Support

If you're working in a bosun's chair, then you obviously need to feel safe and secure. However, a good chair will also feel comfortable to sit in. This is important — it's hard to work efficiently if you're really uncomfortable, and you could compromise your safety if you keep moving around to find a comfortable position.

Look for chairs that are ergonomically designed and/or have good layers of padding. For example, ergonomically designed bucket seats are generally a good fit. Padded seats and chairs take some of the strain out of working on longer jobs.

2. Adjustable Seating

If different people could use your bosun's chair, then you really need an adjustable seat. A fixed seat won't necessarily be comfortable — or safe — for different weights, heights and body shapes. It could be too big for some people, too small for others and just right for one or two of your crew.

If you can adjust a chair's seat, back and arm rests, then more people can use the chair comfortably and safely. They can work at height for longer if they feel secure and supported.

3. Tool Storage Options

One of the advantages of using a bosun's chair is that you can use your hands freely to work at height. You don't need to hang on to the chair for support.

However, tool storage can be a problem in these seats. You can't have a toolbox perched on your lap in case it falls and injures somebody below. You can't wear a tool belt as you may not be able to reach items without unbalancing the seat.

You can buy bosun's chairs that have built-in tool storage options. For example, there may be pockets, chains, loops or hooks on the sides of the chair.

To see some examples of bosun's chairs and to get more advice on suitable models, contact suppliers of height safety products.