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3 Benefits of Using Dome Nuts

While traditional nuts are open, some come with caps or domes on the top side. Here, the nut screws on to its bolt as usual; however the end of the bolt is covered by the dome on the nut. This feature can be useful in some situations. What are they? Keep reading to learn more.

1. You Want a High-Quality Finish

While nuts and bolts give you a strong connection, they don't always look pretty. A regular nut is simply there to tighten and hold the bolt in the right place. You can still see the end of the bolt and the nut itself.

While this isn't an issue in many applications, there may be times when you want a better finish on your products, and you don't want to see the end of the bolt.

Here, a dome nut makes the combination look better. The done nut still fixes the bolt; however, its domed cap sits on the end of it. The dome covers the nut and gives a sleeker and more professional finish to the connection. So, if aesthetics matter, this is an option worth looking at.

2. You Want to Reduce Bolt Damage

If you use a standard nut and bolt, then part of the bolt sticks out from the nut. Sometimes, this end sticks out of its placement area. It might cause some damage if the part that sticks out comes into close contact with something else.

For example, if you're using a nut and bolt on a bike, then a bolt could tear the rider's clothing or scrape against their skin as they use the bike. If you use a domed nut, then you give the bolt a smooth and enclosed cover; you get rid of rough edges and threads. Even if something rubs against the bolt, it won't get caught. 

3. Your Bolt Needs Extra Protection

While nuts and bolts are stable, they may not always stay in place. For example, if a bolt has to deal with a lot of vibrations, say when a machine runs, then its threads might get damaged. You may need to replace it more often than you should. Bolts that are out in the open may also suffer from water damage.

However, a dome cap can help protect the bolt itself. The cap helps the bolt sit more firmly and protects it from exposure.

To find out more about dome nuts and their benefits, contact your nuts and bolts supplier.