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What Will a Professional Do When Overhauling Your Air Compressor?

If you have an older air compressor that you think could use some work, then you could be interested in using a service that will perform a total overhaul on your air compressor. Of course, one of the main things that you might be curious about before spending money on one of these services is what you can expect the service to do. This varies from service to service and air compressor to air compressor, but you should usually be able to count on a professional to follow the following steps when overhauling your air compressor for you.

Drain the Tank

You should be draining your air compressor tank on a daily basis, although it's true that there are a lot of people out there who don't do this like they are supposed to. Draining your tank on a regular basis is a good way to prevent corrosion from being an issue, but when you take your air compressor to have it overhauled, the draining will be done for a different reason. This is done so that your air compressor can be easily taken apart without there being a big mess and without unnecessary water-related damage being done to your air compressor.

Test the Air Compressor

Next, the professional who is overhauling your air compressor will perform various tests on the air compressor. They might listen to it while it's in operation to listen for any strange sounds. They'll watch for oil leaks, check discharge pressure, pay attention to vibrations, check temperatures of your machinery and more. By testing the air compressor, they can get an idea of the condition that your air compressor is in. Then, they can determine whether or not overhauling your air compressor is a good idea, and they will have an idea of what needs to be repaired. They can also tell you about the type of performance that you can expect from your air compressor after it's overhauled.

Clean and Replace the Components

Some of the components in your air compressor might be dirty due to oil or might be dusty due to use. These parts might still be in good condition and therefore might not need to be replaced while your air compressor is being overhauled; a professional will know how to clean them properly before putting your unit back together.

On the other hand, some components might be worn out. This is a major part of the air compressor overhaul. The professional who is doing the job will replace all components that need to be replaced. They may talk with you to determine if you want original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts used during this process.